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28 Days Later, 2002

The duo which brought us The Beach in 2000 now brings to theaters a zombie movie that will ultimately change the genre from one predominated by B-movies to one where humanity is examined after society has been removed to help us learn more about how essential socialization is to humanity. If that sounds like something too profound to be jammed into a mere 113 minutes of film, think again.

Twelve Monkeys, 1995

Terry Gilliam‘s 1995 Twelve Monkeys went largely unnoticed by most of the cinema-going public, but contains one of the best performances of Brad Pitt‘s career and one of the best and most original performances in, at that time, Bruce Willis‘ career.  Also starring Madeleine Stowe, Twelve Monkeys is the story of a man named James Cole (Willis), a convict in the future who is drafted as a volunteer to go back in time to help restore his present-time.  Forgive me if this gets confusing, but it’s confusing to watch too, in a rewarding way.

Lake Placid, 1999

1999’s Lake Placid was an unusual movie from its beginnings.  It’s a star-studded black comedy about a giant crocodile terrorizing a small lake community in Maine featuring a flamboyant, wealthy professor with a passion for crocodiles in Hector Cyr (Oliver Platt), a common-sense, polite and gentlemanly local sheriff named Hank Keough (Brendan Gleeson), Jack Wells (Bill Pullman) a rough-and-tumble member of the Maine Fish and Wildlife Service, and Kelly Scott (Bridget Fonda), a professor of paleontology with a New York City-based natural history museum.

Black XXX-Mas, 1999

Written and directed by Belgian film-maker Pieter Van Hees, Black XXX-Mas tells a surreal horror story of a hodgepodge of fairy-tales set in a bizarre world that seems at once in the future and in the present.  The overall narrative and plot most closely follows that of Little Red Riding Hood.  Be warned it’s very violent, graphic, and I believe there may be some nudity, so it’s definitely not to be considered safe for work.

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The Zodiac, 2007

One of the most recent pictures of David Fincher was The Zodiac; a retelling of the true story of the serial killer who terrorized California during the 1960s and 1970s and whose identity was never determined.  Fincher models the telling of this tale through the lens of a political cartoonist working for a local newspaper (Jake Gyllenaal as Robert Graysmith) who is attempting to do some investigative journalism with the help of a more seasoned news veteran in Paul Avery as played by Robert Downey, Jr.