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City of God, 2002

City of God (2002) (Cidade de Deus) is already quite a critically acclaimed film, but I had just recently finally seen the last five minutes and so felt it appropriate to weigh in both because I like to personally keep track of movies I see, it may help readers determine how much my tastes may match theirs, and as fun as it may be to think I may at some point actually have a following or something as a movie reviewer, I really just like doing it.

Tsotsi, 2005

“Tsotsi” is urban slang for thug in Johannesburg, South Africa, which is where this movie is based.  It tells us a gripping story about life in the true poverty that may be found in the shantytowns of South Africa.  The Tsotsi/Thug to which the title refers is an anonymous black young adult who lives in a shanty in a densely built and very crowded shantytown outside Johannesburg. 

Hotel Rwanda, 2004

I was only fourteen when this was happening and my memory of the media coverage is certainly not exact, but it seems like Hotel Rwanda tells us an important story of an individual trying to make a difference in the face of hatred and genocide. One decade after the massive atrocity committed in Rwanda of the Hutus against the Tutsis, Don Cheadle portrays Paul Rusesabagina, the manager of a glamorous luxury hotel which he used to shelter thousands of Tutsis against the Hutu rebels including his wife and family.