Tag: 2007

The Kingdom, 2007

The Kingdom is a 2007 blockbuster that accomplishes something many mainstream Hollywood movies attempt and fail: it creates a realistic thriller based on realistic events and portrays both sides of the conflict in reasonably equal lights. Director Peter Berg tells us the story of a team of FBI agents who push their way into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in an effort to investigate a terrorist attack in which Americans were killed.

Waitress, 2007

Waitress is the 2007 movie starring Keri Russell as Jenna, a bored waitress at a local restaurant specializing in custom pies created by Russell’s character.  Pie is used as a metaphor and an internal dialog as the pies are created within Jenna’s head and named after whatever is happening at the moment, for example, “I Just Stubbed My Toe and It Fucking Hurts” pie.  It’s reasonably sweet and clever and really just works.