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Equilibrium, 2002

Christian Bale stars in this thriller depicting a dystopia in a future that is at least farther away than World War III in which society has decided to try to live without emotion of any kind for fear of the consequences of negative emotions. People are tranquil, but sedated, taking medications at regular intervals which almost imitate the ringing of church bells in the medieval period calling people to worship.

In such a world Christian Bale’s character John Preston, a Tetragrammaton cleric, has turned in his wife and witnessed her execution, hunts down and kills his partner in Erroll Partridge (Sean Bean) and then takes on a new partner depicted by Taye Diggs. When Bale begins to experiment with “sense offense” the film’s underground society of revolutionaries begings to take shape and we are left to see what could happen if emotion were taken away in favor of tranquility and then what would be necessary to get back the emotion lost to an oppressive government which strictly controls a peaceful, if emotionally blank, existence.