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A Very Long Engagement, 2004

Having found success three years ago with Amelie Jeunet moves to this story of a romantic relationship between Mathilde (Audrey Tatou) and her lover, a soldier fighting in World War I.  A Very Long Engagement tells its story by reflecting upon the lives of five soldiers who have been caught during the war injuring themselves in order to get sent home.  The military finds out and decides to send these troops beyond the front-line to have the German soldiers kill them.As we hear the stories of each of the five’s lives, we find that one of the five loves Audrey Tatou’s character and is loved back by her.After this incident she is determined to decipher what has actually happened during this fiasco and in doing so helps to craft a multifaceted masterpieces of cinematography with wonderfully developed characters, a thick plot, great visual effects and a host of other features that I could point out, but are probably irrelevant in terms of actually enjoying the movie.  It is a heart-warming story that has captured many hearts and had a very good showing in US markets.  I wonder what this might mean for future funding of Jeunet’s films, but without the restrictive processes that were present in Alien: Resurrection.